WetCard and trip

NPF WetCard and trip

Welcome to the sea kayak courses from Lofoten Aktiv. This course is designed for you who are looking for a more complete course on seakayaking. It runs over 4 days and we spend two nights in tents during the trip.

It is a NPF WetCard/EEP2/BCU2Star course, but we have added 2 days on tour. For you it means that the first day is a normal course, but on the second day we prepare for a 3-day trip. We meet in the morning, check our gear, make a note if something is missing, goes shopping for food and other items and then: we start out trip!

Day 1

turnout 09:00 at Ørsvågvær Camping (signposted from E10, 2km west of Kabelvåg). The first three hours are theory and finding equipment that fits you; kayak, PFD and dry suit with neoprene shoes. If you are smaller than size 38 in shoes or S (small) in a jacket or larger than XL or 45 you should make us aware of it ahead of time. In the dry suit you should use warm clothing (preferably wool) with long sleeves and legs, and warm socks. You will get a little wet around the neck and sleeves, but during the practical bit you will be comfortably warm. The rest of the first day, you become familiar with kayak, paddle and your body's placement. Bracing, edging kayaking, steering control, forward and backward paddle, not least to paddle sideways. These are some of the day's practical tasks. Rescues are a natural part of the day since you are looking for the performance boundaries of yourself, the kayak and the paddle.

Day 2

begins checking your gear; do you have the food, clothes an gear to go on a longer trip? The list you will get from me will give you an idea fo that it takes. And then you add what you need. Then we check again if the chosen gear will get into your kayak. If it does; we go kayaking!!

During the trip we will practice good paddling technique and get a knowledge of navigation. Looking and talking about the weather is a must, also finding the best suitable campground.

Requirements for participation: None beyond being able to swim.

Included in our guided trips and courses are:

  • The pickup from our basecamp or the square/tourist information in Svolvær
  • The guide/coach
  • Seakayak (K1 or K2) with paddle, spraydeck and PFD.

Not included in any of our hikes are:

  • Any beverage or food
  • Personal clothing
  • Sleeping mat, sleeping bag, tent or camping utilities
  • Any transport or travel to and from the pickup point.
  • Anything not specifies int the text

Seakayaking courses or guided tour?

Are you a group of friends of 4 persons or more, we can arrange a sea kayak courses or guided tour for you.

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Coach providers

All our coaches are approved by the Norwegian paddling society as activity leaders, tour managers or tutors.

All our trainers have extensive experience.

Lofoten Aktiv have insurance that covers all courses and activities.

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