Lofoten Clean Up Paddling daytrip

Lofoten Clean Up Paddling daytrip

To paddle sea kayak with Clean Up Paddling is a fantastic way to experience Lofoten´s unique islands and seascapes.

Clean Up Paddling is an adventure with a truly unique sustainable twist that is sure to become a take-home story.

Duration: 8 hours
Requirement: None
Grading: ☆☆☆☆☆
Meetingpoint: 10.00 AM, pickup at the Tourist information

Evaluation: None

Price: NOK 2040,-

A full day with Clean Up Paddling

Lofoten Aktiv offers safe and guided sea kayak tours in beautiful and peaceful areas of the Arctic seascape.

We combine the best from our “ordinary” tours with actively seeking out places that have a great biological variety and importance.

We will use approx. 1 hour during the trip to clean coastlines for marine litter.

We will be using solid gloves and clever ways of teamworking, to solve the marine litter issue in hard to reach places.

This is a clean and decent experience for everyone.

Join a Clean Up Paddling tour because it is a wonderful way to incorporate more learning about the arctic flora and fauna, the cultural history of the Lofotens and acting on the importance of sustainability.

General Information:

On all Lofoten Aktiv kayak tours we have a guide/instructor per 6-7 participants (with certain exceptions about the group composition/knowledge allows for it). Because of the landscape we live in has a nature that cannot withstand unsustainable use, we do not host larger sea kayak groups than 10 participants.

Our guides will share stories about the cultural and natural history of the area we live in. Because conservation is embedded in everything we do, we will do our utmost to you to make your vacation benefit the environment too.

Participant is responsible for their own food and drinks on the tour. If requested the guides will give you tips on paddling technique.

A mandatory requirement to attend our activities is that you must have a valid travel insurance policy that covers all activities that Lofoten Aktiv AS offers. This insurance must subscribe before booking a trip with Clean Up Paddling.

Seakayaking courses or guided tour?

Are you a group of friends of 4 persons or more, we can arrange a sea kayak courses or guided tour for you.

The Lofoten islands


Coach providers

All our coaches are approved by the Norwegian paddling society as activity leaders, tour managers or tutors.

All our trainers have extensive experience.

Lofoten Aktiv have insurance that covers all courses and activities.

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Contact info

Lofoten Aktiv AS, Postboks 136, 8309 Kabelvåg

Phone: +47 76 07 30 00 - Mobile: +47 99 23 11 00

E-mail: post@lofoten-aktiv.no