Seakayaking - 5 days

Seakayaking - 5 days

Lofoten Aktiv is planning this trip to be ideal for those that have paddled for a couple of years. The plan is to circumnavigate Austvågøy with its many fjords, skerries, and islands.


We meet at 10:00 am on day 1 we meet and after introductions, we will look at the maps and locate the various trips and treks we can enjoy during our adventure together. After we have a check that everybody has what they need for the trip; both personal gear, camping gear, and the food we do the last shopping before starting the trip.

Our way of doing trips is having a rest at least every 2 hours with snacks or food during the day. In the afternoon we will arrive at the camp, you put up your tents and make yourself and the gear ready for the night. Then you make your evening meal and we can have a meal together.

Exploring the archipelago with its birdlife, seals, porpoises and the od otters is our general plan. We try to find OK camps and, if you are up to it we can do a nice afternoon hike up a hill or mountain that gives us a magnificent view. Refilling our water bottles for drinking and making food is another "job" we must remember to do

The plan is to circumnavigate our island if the weather permits this. During this trip we plan to visit the famous Trollfjord, paddling to the fjord takes us through a sound where the white-tailed sea eagle is often spotted. We will paddle both of the tidal sounds of Raftsundet and Gimsøy-Straumen on this trip, planning to do them with the tide.
A mandatory requirement to attend our activities is that you must have a valid travel insurance policy that covers all activities that Lofoten Aktiv AS offers. This insurance must subscribe before beginning a trip to Lofoten.

Seakayaking courses or guided tour?

Are you a group of friends of 4 persons or more, we can arrange a sea kayak courses or guided tour for you.

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Coach providers

All our coaches are approved by the Norwegian paddling society as activity leaders, tour managers or tutors.

All our trainers have extensive experience.

Lofoten Aktiv have insurance that covers all courses and activities.

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