Seakayaking - 7 days

Seakayaking - 7 days

Lofoten Aktiv offers safe guided tours where we paddle quietly around in our beautiful nature.
If you want it can our guides give you basic tips on paddling technique. Our guides are focused on the cultural and natural history of the area we live in, and conservation is embedded in everything we do. Join Lofoten Activities on tour and discover our wild and beautiful Lofoten from a sea kayak.

Duration: 7 days
Requirement: NPF Technique/ EPP3/ BCU3sea
Grading: ★★☆☆☆
Meetingpoint: 10.00 AM, Svolvær tourist information
Evaluation: None

Price: NOK 13 350,-

The 7-day seakayak trip

We meet in Svolvaer by appointment first day and talking about what is possible to do on this trip; weather and participants will determine much for route selection. Together we go through that all it takes of food, drinks, and equipment included. Those who rent a kayak from Lofoten Aktiv AS adapts and becomes familiar with the kayaks. It is customary to begin the tour with a review of security procedures.

Day 2 to 6 we are paddling the planned route with daily adjustments according to weather and participants. This is a trip for those who have paddled a little before, have conducted, and have skills equivalent completed NPF Technique/EPP3/ BCU3sea training.

After breakfast, we paddle with a stop approximately every 1.5 to 2 hours for a snack or lunch, OR just to stretch our legs. The trip is exploratory and it may be that we have to search a bit to find a good landing for snacks and lunch stops and camp for the night.

There is plenty of time to get close to seals, otters, porpoises, and the great diversity of birds that cross our course.

Refilling water is also an important task since many of our camps are located on small islands without fresh water. With the backdrop of the West Fjord to the south, the North Atlantic to the north and west so Lofoten stunning Alpine scenery adventure to paddle in.

The aim of this trip is to paddle around at least three of the Lofoten Islands. Participants decide pretty much when it comes to speed and course during the day so that this morning's goal may change; a typical when kayaking in open water around and in an archipelago.

Day 7 is a slightly shorter paddle day since we are paddling towards the pickup/end place for your trip and need time to check out the kayaks and equipment.

General information:

Because the landscape and nature we are using do not sustain repeated use, we have no bigger groups than 6/7 participants with 1 guide or up to 10 participants and two guides. Smaller groups also increase our options for camps by 200% and Lofoten Aktiv makes sure that our camps are sustainable.

Participants are responsible for carrying and organizing your own food, at most the tents, sleeping bags, and equipment required for the tour's length.

Lofoten Aktiv sends out a list with an overview of normal needs for clothing, food, and equipment for each participant. Before we start out we repackage and organize the food to lessen the amount of garbage we have to bring home after the trip.

Included in the tour are; sea kayak and paddle, PFD and spray skirt, paddle jacket, poogies, sponge, and transportation to the starting point and from the final place for the kayak trip. The guide is, of course, also included.

A mandatory requirement to attend our activities is that you must have a valid travel insurance policy that covers all activities that Lofoten Aktiv AS offers. This insurance must subscribe before beginning a trip to Lofoten.

Seakayaking courses or guided tour?

Are you a group of friends of 4 persons or more, we can arrange a sea kayak courses or guided tour for you.

The Lofoten islands


Coach providers

All our coaches are approved by the Norwegian paddling society as activity leaders, tour managers or tutors.

All our trainers have extensive experience.

Lofoten Aktiv have insurance that covers all courses and activities.

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