o paddle sea kayak is a fantastic way to experience the alpine archipelago in Lofoten

Seakayaking - full day

To paddle sea kayak is a fantastic way to experience the alpine archipelago Lofoten and its unique flora and fauna on.

Full day trip:

Lofoten Aktiv offers guided sea kayak tours in quiet and peaceful venues in our beautiful seascape.

This is the most popular activity, with 8-9 different venues according to the weather. On all Lofoten Aktiv kayak tours, we have a guide/instructor per 6-7 participants (with certain exceptions about the group composition/knowledge allows for it). Because of the landscape we live in and a nature that cannot withstand unsustainable use, we have not larger seakayak groups than 10 participants.

Our guides focus on the cultural and natural history of the area we live in, and conservation is embedded in everything we do. If required, the guides provide you with basic tips on paddling techniques.

Join our local guides from Lofoten Aktiv on tour and discover our wild and beautiful Lofoten from a seakayak.

Included in the trip are the guide, seakayak (double) with paddles, spraydecks, vests, jackets, and poogies (paddle mittens).

You should bring clothes that work in the weather of the day and snacks, food and beverages for the day.

A mandatory requirement to attend our activities is that you must have a valid travel insurance policy that covers all activities that Lofoten Aktiv AS offers. This insurance must subscribe before beginning a trip to Lofoten.

Kurs eller guidet tur?

Er dere en gruppe eller vennegjeng på 4 personer eller mer kan vi arrangere et havkajakk kurs eller guidet tur for dere.

Ta kontakt for et uforpliktende tilbud!

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Alle våre kursholdere er godkjente av Norges padlerforbund som aktivitetsledere, turledere eller veiledere.

Alle våre kursholdere har lang erfaring.

Lofoten Aktiv har forsikring som dekker alle kurs og aktiviteter

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