Our core philosophy

Lofoten Aktiv coaching goals are all about making you the most self-reliant, free-spirited and skilled paddler you can be. The aim is to provide good guidance, where a healthy thinking processes and a solid foundation of skills will develop you into a skilled paddler.


The coach and the participant will agree to work with the skills they choose based on the concepts below:

We start based on each individual's current skills.
We build skills for long-term development of the paddler.
We provide direct feedback on the specific skills that are practiced.
We learn skills to promote personal development.
We practice in techniques to automate.
We practice as effectively as possible to further develop our own skill.
We work to get right and left movement as similar as possible.
Having as much fun as possible along the way.

Result: happy paddlers!

Seakayaking courses or guided tour?

Are you a group of friends of 4 persons or more, we can arrange a sea kayak courses or guided tour for you.

The Lofoten islands


Coach providers

All our coaches are approved by the Norwegian paddling society as activity leaders, tour managers or tutors.

All our trainers have extensive experience.

Lofoten Aktiv have insurance that covers all courses and activities.

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Contact info

Lofoten Aktiv AS, Postboks 136, 8309 Kabelvåg

Phone: +47 76 07 30 00 - Mobile: +47 99 23 11 00

E-mail: post@lofoten-aktiv.no